Vulnerable Witnesses

If the thought of having to give evidence at court results in you feeling vulnerable and frightened, we may be able to assist.

In the same way that children can give their evidence by pre-recording their evidence, or from a separate room or location, vulnerable adults may also be able to use these procedures to ensure that they can give their evidence effectively.

Adults may be vulnerable because they have a mental disability or illness, because they fear for their safety if they have been in a violent relationship, or there may be other factors that result in adults needing support and assistance when giving their evidence at court.

Please bring any of these issues to our attention so that we have plenty of time to asses these issues and work out the best way for managing them before the trial. The Victim Support Service may also be able to help you by giving you some support and counselling that results in you being better able to manage the demands of a trial. We can facilitate a referral to the Victim Support Service at any time.

Last updated: 23-Jan-2013

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