Victim impact statements

A Victim Impact Statement is a statement about how the crime has affected you. It is your opportunity to provide this information to the court so that it can be taken into account when the offender is being sentenced.

Usually people provide written statements to the court. In some circumstances you can provide your Victim Impact Statement orally, but this needs to be arranged before the sentencing court date. You will need to speak to the file manager about this if you wish to do this and arrangements will need to be made for you to do this at court.

In your Victim Impact Statement you can provide information about any injury, loss or damage that you have suffered as a direct result of the offence. You can also describe how the crime has impacted on your life, including your health, mental wellbeing, employment, finances, family life, social activities etc. It is important to remember that the legislation that governs Victim Impact Statements states that you cannot comment on how the accused should be sentenced.

The Victim Support Service has staff available to provide you with information and help to write your Victim Impact Statement.  

Last updated: 23-Jan-2013

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