My input into the prosecution process

The ODPP cannot act as your lawyer. Our role is to prosecute the accused on behalf of the State of Western Australia.

We will, however, listen to your views about the prosecution process and consider your wishes about the charges that we proceed with at court. We will consider your views seriously. At the same time we also have consider all the other aspects of the case that require our attention when we act as an independent prosecutor, such as legal procedure, the public good, justice and fairness.

We always have to assess whether each charge is appropriate based on many factors, including the available evidence. Sometimes we have to make decisions about whether or not to proceed with some or all of the charges. We understand that sometimes you may want us to proceed with charges or drop charges based on your own personal situation. While we will consider your views, at times we have to make decisions that take into account other factors beyond your personal situation.

Please feel welcome to contact the file manager to discuss any issues or concerns you have about the charges and the prosecution process.

Last updated: 25-Jan-2013

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