Keeping informed

If you wish to be kept informed about the process of a case, we can provide you with this information.

When the ODPP takes over the prosecution of a case, the victims are contacted by letter to advise that the ODPP is now involved. In this letter, you will receive a form to complete and send back to the ODPP if you wish to be kept informed of the progress of the case. Filling out this form and returning it to us helps us to keep track of who wants to be kept informed. Some victims of crime do not wish to be contacted or only wish to know the final outcome. We respect whatever choice you make.

In our first letter, you will also be advised of the name of the file manager (prosecutor) and the paralegal for the case. The prosecutor who manages the case, may not always be the same prosecutor who goes to the various court appearances that occur, especially in the lead up to a trial. This is because prosecutors who are preparing and managing trials cannot always be attending the ongoing court appearances of all the other cases that they are managing at the same time. It might sound confusing, but as long as you remember that there will always be a paralegal and a file manager allocated to your case, you can be assured that there is always someone available should you need to contact us.

It is very important that you keep us advised of your contact details. If you move house, change your telephone number or other contact details, please either contact the paralegal or file manager or our reception staff, who can pass your information on to the right person.

Last updated: 23-Jan-2013

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