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Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions
for Western Australia

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Graduate (Articled Clerk) Program

2016 Articled Clerk Program

The ODPP will not be inviting applications for articles in 2016. However, the following information may be of assistance in future years:

The ODPP actively contributes to the training and development of future lawyers by running an annual Graduate (Articled Clerk) program.

The ODPP employs up to 4 graduates each year on fixed term contract of two and a half years, incorporating periods of the articles of clerkship (12 months) and post admission, restricted practice (18 months).

What does an Articled Clerkship with the ODPP entail?

An articled clerkship provides exposure to a range of legal practice experiences and learning opportunities.  An articled clerkship at the ODPP provides an environment that promotes structured training and development.

An articled clerkship at the ODPP is designed to introduce the clerk to general legal practice but with a particular focus on developing a sound fundamental understanding of criminal practice and procedure and an emphasis on knowledge about the roles and obligations of a prosecutor and the functions and operations of the ODPP.

In addition to completing compulsory course components of practical legal training with an approved training provider aligned to the National Competency Standards for Entry-Level lawyers, articled clerks at the ODPP will be provided with regular opportunity to participate in a variety of continuing legal education activities.

During the clerkship articled clerks will work under supervision in various areas of legal practice, both within the ODPP and outside of the Office.  Rotation through these areas will provide a sound, practical introduction to aspects of legal practice and ODPP business operations, including:

  • Office policies, practice and procedure.
  • Statutory and judicial law relevant to practice and procedure.
  • ODPP information technology systems.
  • Appellate practice and procedure.
  • Pre-committal practice and procedure.
  • Children’s Court practice and procedure.
  • Superior court jurisdiction trial and sentencing practice and procedure.
  • ODPP case management practice and procedure.
  • Criminal Property Confiscations Act 2000 (WA) practice and procedure.
  • The role of WA Police Prosecuting Division.
  • The role of the State Solicitor’s Office.

During the articles period an articled clerk will participate, under supervision, in aspects of the ODPP legal practice which include:

  • Case management of charges of indictable offences.
  • Trial and sentencing preparation and proceedings.
  • Listing and other short hearing proceedings.
  • Drafting of court documents and legal submissions.
  • Legal research.
  • Case management for Criminal Property Confiscations Act 2000 (WA) proceedings.
  • Appearing as counsel in Magistrates Court.

Last updated: 22-May-2015

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